Wedding Day


On April 29th 2011, the day of the Royal Wedding between Kate and William, I find myself in the midst of an enormous party. In Glasgow.

Planned on Facebook by a couple of students, Kelvingrove Park is suddenly home to thousands of partying young people; Neds, students, hipsters, families – the feeling of celebration is omnipresent and the vibe feels intoxicating. A sound system, cries of ‘Here we, here we, here we fucking go’ and bare-chested teenage boys, wrapped in Union Jacks for decoration and for every other connotation bar the right-wing…this is not a political statement, it’s a representation of celebration and the right to have fun and revel. Pure enjoyment on a day when the United Kingdom stands still for the Royal nuptials.  Everywhere around there are girls in tiaras, picnic spreads and countless bottles of Buckfast, Cider and energy drinks. These people have clashed together in the most perfect way, and the atmosphere is alive.

This is how young Glasgow celebrates; fearlessly, in totality and with the desire and need to incorporate as many people as they can cram into their heady surrounding environment. Later in the day there were clashes with police as horses and vans were brought to control and put an end to the party. But what was so clear early on in theday was the feeling of jubilation, friendliness and celebration.