A couple of years ago, several of my friends kindly helped me paint my entire studio. I offered to pay them in kind, and take their photograph or let them use the studio in return for their help. Eliot slogged away for two days with a paint brush and some emulsion, so, when he approached me to take some images at the end of last year I was only too happy to oblige! In the time between painting and our studio session together, Eliot was the victim of a horrific, random attack in the street one night at the end of 2014. After having an unknown liquid thrown in his eye by a group of strangers, he was left blinded in his left eye. We both wanted the photographs to make a nod to this, and so took a range of images that showed Eliot with and without his eye patch. It was a really fun shoot, and I came away in awe of how bravely and gracefully Eliot has dealt with his new circumstances.

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