Shipwrecked refugee boat, Lesvos lifejacket graveyard, Greece. Photographed on 120 medium format, Mamiya 7ii. The lifejacket graveyard in Lesvos contains thousands upon thousands of lifejackets and other possessions from refugees who have crossed the sea. Sadly not all who attempt to cross arrive safe and sound. The graveyard also contains many shipwrecked boats like this one. They sit eerily out of place on the land, like skeletons amongst drying and dead vegetation, dirt tracks and gravel.

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Following on from my Lunch Club project, I headed to Dover Park Hospice in Singapore where I was honoured to photograph Mdm Tay Choon Huay for a photography essay on care for the elderly. Dover Park is one of the only bespoke hospices in Singapore, with all guests within the last 3 months of their lives. Mdm Tay, despite having never painted, discovered the liberation and joy of watercolour painting while at Dover Park, and spent her days there painting with great gusto! It seemed to bring such great joy to her during her final days. Dover Park is a beautiful hospice, where the emphasis is making guests as comfortable and happy as possible during their last days. It was an inspiring place to photograph.

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Last week I had fun photographing backstage at London Fashion Week Men’s (formerly London Collection Men). There were a lot of great shows and some really beautiful collections. One of my favourite shows was undoubtedly the Christopher Raeburn collection (below – camouflage jacket) –  featuring Eastpak bags and functional, minimal, slick clothes. I want to be a boy and wear it all!







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I was really happy and very excited to receive the 2016 AOP award for Open Series! The winning images were from the book, ‘Good Luck and Do Your Best’ by Gold Panda and I.  I picked up the award on 13th October at the awards ceremony, and then was invited to talk on a winner’s panel on 16th. The whole experience was heartening and a great chance to speak to other photographers, some of whom I’ve admired for many years. Thank you, AOP!


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I recently visited California, in Norfolk, and photographed a holiday home as part of an ongoing project I’ve started about Norfolk villages. I grew up in Norfolk, close to the sea, and surrounded by quiet villages and beautiful stillness. Whilst these days city life often has the effect of me yearning for peace and quiet, back then something always frightened me about the stillness and the peace and the quiet of places we saw and visited in Norfolk. They haunted me.



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In May this year I travelled to India for some yoga, photography and adventures. I’m very happy when I’m following my nose, finding new places, and photographing my new surroundings.  Getting lost and exploring. I met some incredible people whilst I was in Kerala, including Colonel V P K Nair – a retired colonel of the Indian Army, who changed his life to teach Hinduism, spirituality, yoga, and to paint. The message in his teachings was one of peace, and his photograph has today reminded me it’s possible to make positive changes, that it’s never too late to start spreading peace. Perhaps the Colonel’s website says it best: ‘He has chosen Spirituality, Yoga and Painting for a peaceful retired life. Retired, but not tired – is what he feels. The real life for him started after retirement – with colours!’. All images below are taken on my Canon AE1 with Kodak Portra 35mm film.


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I photographed Gold Panda and the cover / artwork for his new album, ‘Good Luck and Do Your Best’, out in May on City Slang . With design by Dan Tombs, the ‘Time Eater’ single artwork was also taken from the same collection of images, collated by Derwin and I over the course of two weeks spent in Japan.

The album cover image was taken in Kyoto, and the ‘Time Eater’ single cover image near Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. I took the portrait of Derwin on the Tokyo subway.

I was so very inspired by Derwin’s and my time in Japan; taking photographs together in a place as affecting and striking as Japan was an incredible experience. Collaborating on such a creative project with Derwin, and then with Dan for the design element, was a heartening and exciting process.




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A couple of years ago, several of my friends kindly helped me paint my entire studio. I offered to pay them in kind, and take their photograph or let them use the studio in return for their help. Eliot slogged away for two days with a paint brush and some emulsion, so, when he approached me to take some images at the end of last year I was only too happy to oblige! In the time between painting and our studio session together, Eliot was the victim of a horrific, random attack in the street one night at the end of 2014. After having an unknown liquid thrown in his eye by a group of strangers, he was left blinded in his left eye. We both wanted the photographs to make a nod to this, and so took a range of images that showed Eliot with and without his eye patch. It was a really fun shoot, and I came away in awe of how bravely and gracefully Eliot has dealt with his new circumstances.

Copyright Laura Lewis eliot0119 LOW RES

Copyright Laura Lewis eliot0116 1 LOW RES  Copyright Laura Lewis eliot0054 LOW RES


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In Summer 2014, Lucy and I visited Copenhagen for the first time. It was beautiful, and I felt very inspired by the wonderful design everywhere. We also discovered the second best chocolate milk in the world (Ucal from Portugal being the best!) and accidentally stumbled across an hilarious touristy funfair. This photograph was taken on my Canon AE1 at the harbour baths, areas of sectioned off river for open air swimming right in the centre of the city.

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A couple of months ago Derwin and I went to Tokyo for a friend’s wedding. The Autumn sunshine was low in the sky and the light was beautiful. This image was shot on my trusty Canon AE1 on a morning walk near our hotel.

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