Laura is an award winning photographer specialising in portraiture and documentary. People, places and things. She shoots on film and digital. She has been taking photographs since she can remember. Some better than others…

Laura’s father photographed by Laura
aged 3 on his (now her) Canon AE1

Born in Scotland, raised in Norfolk and educated in Norwich, London and Lisbon, Laura’s photography commissions and projects have taken her all over the world.

Laura enjoys the beauty of what naturally ‘is’; people’s expressions or movements, their natural habitats, the items that they surround themselves with, and naturally occurring visual patterns in landscapes, objects, nature and urban sprawl. If you’d like to discuss a commission or collaboration you can contact Laura here.


2018: Photo London, Photography on a Postcard, Winning Image

2016: Association of Photographers, Open Series, Best in Category

2013: Portrait of David Rodigan MBE accepted into National Portrait Gallery collection.



2018: Photo London, Photography on a Postcard, Winning Images Exhibition, Somerset House

2017: AOP Winners Exhibitions, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh

2016: Good Luck and Do Your Best. Ditto, London

2013: People. Places. Things. Rough Trade East, London

2007: Music. Al Volo, London



2016: Good Luck and Do Your Best. Published by Laura Lewis Photography.

2016: Association of Photographers, Winning Images Book, Published by AOP

2015: Freehand Fashion. By Chinelo Bally. Published by Pavilion.

2014: How To Put On A Fashion Show. By Eric Musgrave. Published by Batsford.

2013: People. Places. Things. Published by Laura Lewis Photography.

Laura photographing with new arrivals at UNHCR Stage 2 Refugee Camp, Lesvos, Greece