October 2016


I was really happy and very excited to receive the 2016 AOP award for Open Series! The winning images were from the book, ‘Good Luck and Do Your Best’ by Gold Panda and I.  I picked up the award on 13th October at the awards ceremony, and then was invited to talk on a winner’s panel on 16th. The whole experience was heartening and a great chance to speak to other photographers, some of whom I’ve admired for many years. Thank you, AOP!


copyright-lauralewisphotography-co-uk_gladyb_-2761  copyright-lauralewisphotography-co-uk_gladyb_-2769 copyright-lauralewisphotography-co-uk_gladyb_-2765 copyright-lauralewisphotography-co-uk_gladyb_-2760

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