June 2016


In May this year I travelled to India for some yoga, photography and adventures. I’m very happy when I’m following my nose, finding new places, and photographing my new surroundings. ¬†Getting lost and exploring. I met some incredible people whilst I was in Kerala, including Colonel V P K Nair – a retired colonel of the Indian Army, who changed his life to teach Hinduism, spirituality, yoga, and to paint. The message in his teachings was one of peace, and his photograph has today reminded me it’s possible to make positive changes, that it’s never too late to start spreading peace. Perhaps the Colonel’s website says it best: ‘He has chosen Spirituality, Yoga and Painting for a peaceful retired life. Retired, but not tired – is what he feels. The real life for him started after retirement – with colours!’. All images below are taken on my Canon AE1 with Kodak Portra 35mm film.


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